Dog ate some rope

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2021.12.08 09:44 powercorruption Dog ate some rope

Sunday morning I went to a friends house, and caught my 55 pound Boxer pup chewing on a braided rope toy and broke it off. He's had diarrhea since, but he's been active and eating normally, no vomiting. Last night he had half diarrhea, and half poop, where I found out some rope (not thin string) was the reason for his digestive issues. I'm worried that there is still more to pass/blocking. Looking to hear from people with similar experiences.
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2021.12.08 09:44 tawraven IRL factory cart

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2021.12.08 09:44 Heman-pwr-of-theunvs In what ways could the Community pull together to promote the coin in a big way? Suggestions by us Martians

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2021.12.08 09:44 DonKordus Evernight Cruise

In Evernight Cruise - is it better to take every oponent (minimum like 1500) or change opponent till you get 3500?
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2021.12.08 09:44 TrueNorthAmerica Prof. David Haskell doesn't want schools to say they ‘didn't know’ about vaccine mandate harms

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2021.12.08 09:44 dizzytorpedo Hailey Mia reminds of Brynn cartelli. She was also 14 when she auditioned.

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2021.12.08 09:44 Tymek258 7612 9057 9711 reshiram with boost

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2021.12.08 09:44 willxtard A london dispensary that ships all over the uk?

I found a place online called 'caliweedxpress' whilst i was researching delta 8. It claims to be a london dispensary that will deliver to anywhere in the uk and it has a wide online selection that goes into good detail about every product. Its website has a £200 minimum order and im not personally sure i trust it and i dont know if im willing to drop £200 to find out, thought this would be something this subreddit would be interested in and if anyones willing to potentially waste £200 id love to know if its real or not. If i break and end up buying off them i will update with my experience.
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2021.12.08 09:44 Own-Experience-8823 Belle loves sticks and time spent in the mountains!

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2021.12.08 09:44 Joseph_Seed_ Big mood

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2021.12.08 09:44 rdking647 Its time for hospitals to stop treating the unvaxxed

Abbott announced that vaccine mandates are banned in texas. so its time for hospitals to just let the unvaxxed die. no treatment. no ventilators. no taking up scarce hospital resources. they made the choice to stay unvaxxed despite the risks so let them pay the price.set up a tent and some cots in the parking lot and let some unvaxxed nurses take care of them there.....
(obviously this doesnt apply to those who cant get vaxxed for medical reasons)
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2021.12.08 09:44 Steveplays28 C# casting

Why is it that Godot doesn't let me cast an instanced PackedScene (typeof Node) to ColorRect, but it does let me cast that to Control?
C# code for reference, I'm making a visual note taking app:

public void NewNote() 
{ Control scene = ResourceLoader.Load("res://premade_assets/note.tscn", noCache: true).Instance(); // It breaks if I replace Control with ColorRect Control persistentNodes = GetNode("/root/Node/Control/Persistent nodes");
persistentNodes.AddChild(scene); scene.Owner = persistentNodes; scene.RectGlobalPosition = scene.GetGlobalMousePosition() - scene.RectSize / 2; 
While this doesn't really bother me (yet), I'm still curious.
Anyone got a clue?
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2021.12.08 09:44 Mahdihq133 I have a problem about yuzu who can help?

My pickachu in super smash bros ultimate is so bad 😞 and it crashes every time when I choose pickachu.
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2021.12.08 09:44 ZoolShop Major outage at Amazon disrupts businesses across the US

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2021.12.08 09:44 EstablishmentEqual36 very online, introverted 25F making an effort to make new friends ama

I don't have many friends because connecting with people isn't my strong suit but I'd love to
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2021.12.08 09:44 Maleficent-Tie-3234 Bhad Bhabie - New Video She Naked....

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2021.12.08 09:44 Tight_Magician_8484 Moza Racing CRP Pedals vs Simagic P2000

Hey folks! Just building my first racing sim, with the following items (due to really poor space): - PlaySeat Challenge - Simagic Alpha Mini base + GT1 wheel - Moza Racing CRP Pedals
The folks from the shop just messages me that there is some delay with the Moza Racing pedals (not a big deal for me, I’ll be away for holidays anyway), and that I can get the Simagic P2000 hydraulic instead, for a 250 USD price difference (from 499 to 750). Is that difference really worth it? Is hydraulic really better? Does it come with any maintenance costs? Asking because I have already doubled my initial budget so don’t wanna spend on something unless really necessary. Thanks!
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2021.12.08 09:44 JOBEYJOBEYJOBEYJOBEY The common man triumphs!

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2021.12.08 09:44 MecGuy2 Kyle Rittenhouse Has Officially Returned To Social Media. Here's Where To Follow Him

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2021.12.08 09:44 rubes___ [BarclaysFAWSL] On This Day in 2019... Kim Little scored a goal to remember for the Gunners

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2021.12.08 09:44 Craps7 ophiologist or Snake 🐍 Lovers:

Do you kill a poisonous snake near your house where your children and pets play if relocation is not an option “AT THAT MOMENT” ???
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2021.12.08 09:44 SpanishMeme Crecí mucho en ese aspecto

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2021.12.08 09:44 4Babil Black sidebars on one phone but not another?

So I'm getting these black bars on both sides of my screen when turning from side to side (not even that quickly). It's happening on my Axon 7 but not on another phone which means it's probably not an issue on the servePC side. It's beyond baffling what the reason might be as the network speed and latency is identical...
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2021.12.08 09:44 jazfrogtune My first diamond painting. Potemkin. Size 45x60cm

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2021.12.08 09:44 KazoNighting Riot now confirmed in the 11.24 Patch Notes that the Ahriversary changes will come to every server!

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