Best Gcam mod for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s

TWRP Recovery is a custom recovery from TeamWin. It is a tool which provides users with controls to change or modify software on Android phones. It let users install any custom ROM or any other files. The latest TWRP 3.2.3 is now available for most of the devices. The Android 10 is now available for Google Pixel series, OnePlus 7/7 pro, Essential phone, and Redmi K20 Pro.Users having other flagship devices (not in the list) will be able to taste the experience of Android 10 very soon, but others may have to wait for months and even years. Especially the mid-range phones and low budget phones usually get updates very late. Xiaomi Mi 8 SE » GCam discussion thread; Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite » Discussion thread [HOW TO] Enable Camera2API and install GCam [MOD] Front cam raw fix; Xiaomi Mi 9/Pro » ... Xiaomi subreddit; Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S » ... ROMs y desarrollo Xiaomi Mi 10T. Portal Foro Espía Normas Offtopic : HTCMania > Foros Xiaomi > Xiaomi Mi 10T: ROMs y desarrollo Xiaomi Mi 10T ¿Recordar usuario? ... Consulta Gcam xiaomi mi 10t. renato1308 (30/11/20) 07/01/21 16:51:42 Por xeonpj. 9: 1,277 [Tutorial] Qué es VoLTE y cómo puedes activarlo en tu Xiaomi.

2021.10.27 21:45 HumanisticIntegral Best Gcam mod for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s

Mi Mix 2s owners - which GCam mod do you recommend for best quality? I think this model is not popular and it's really hard to find any info on the best version.
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2021.10.27 21:45 Bad_Moon-Rising Sumo tweet

I really just think it means “The bigger they are, the harder they fall”.
And I will be taking my leave.
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2021.10.27 21:45 card1bcloset text message that makes u burst into tears!

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2021.10.27 21:45 elliot93c [S][USA-OH] Sony 20mm f1.8, 35mm f1.8, and 85mmf1.8

Selling off these lenses as I’m switching to zoom.
85mm- excellent condition, comes with box and all accessories. -$450 shipped
20mm- used for less than 3 months. Comes with box and all accessories. -$750 shipped
35mm-also includes all in the box. Excellent condition-$575 shipped
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2021.10.27 21:45 katdilby [6] Got Frostmourne in just 1 week! He will enter my Sword game soon!

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2021.10.27 21:45 Inspector_Ancient Does anyone want to contact me?

I just want to know if anything needs to be said...
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2021.10.27 21:45 EpicWinterWolf You can become anything for Halloween. What are you going to dress as this year?

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2021.10.27 21:45 ALN2021 Jay Lynn (formerly Ramiro) Gomez | Transgender artist panel discussion

Jay Lynn (formerly Ramiro) Gomez | Transgender artist panel discussion
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Ramiro Gomez was born in 1986 in San Bernardino, California, to undocumented Mexican immigrant parents—his father a trucker, his mother a janitor at his own school—and displayed artistic talents early on which presently won him admission to CalArts. But he left that institute within a year and instead secured employment as a nanny for an entertainment industry family in the Hollywood Hills (“a part of town,” as he says, “which is largely Latino by day but which, come five in the evening, when the trucks descend and the limos return, reverts to its largely Anglo basis”). Still, his artistic proclivities were hardly dimmed. He began by taking back-issues of architecture, fashion, and design magazines out of the recycling bin, squirreling them back to his room, and subtly doctoring the glossy high-life ads and features by painting in images of the low-income nannies, housecleaners, gardeners, and others who made such life possible. He went on to raid the trash bins at electronics stores for their discarded cardboard boxes, which he in turn fashioned into life-sized painted cut-out flats portraying the sorts of workers whose work goes largely unnoticed, and then subversively leaning such cut-outs against hedges and sites all around town. After which, quitting his nanny job and securing a small studio, he began producing sly pastiches of iconic David Hockney paintings, uncannily reversing their class polarities.
Around this time, in 2016, Weschler profiled the young artist for a full-color Abrams monograph, Domestic Scenes, since which Gomez’s work has gone from strength to strength, getting acquired by major collectors and museums alike, albeit invoking and provoking all sorts of confoundingly paradoxical issues along the way. The sorts of long occluded issues, indeed, that veritably cry out for exploration in the context of a high-end Architecture Biennale.
Over the last few years, Gomez has been traversing a gender transition, and Weschler and she may conclude by exploring some of the issues involved there as well, how they in turn may have been foreshadowed in some of the artist’s earlier work, and what they may portend for the future.
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2021.10.27 21:45 kekubuk In your opinion, Which of the New Elites can take down a whole bunch of enemy mobs in PVE?

When HoT first drop, there's a YouTube video that I still adored today. It show a SpellBreaker dropping down into the middle of an event in the Desert that's full of enemy mobs and tons of Veterans. It took some time, but this one SpellBreaker manage to kill everyone and cleared the event by itself.
From the 9 new EoD Elites, which one that you think can achieve the same result?
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2021.10.27 21:45 crabmanofdeath TOMAR NO

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2021.10.27 21:45 GroundbreakingSet187 7 Great Leonardo DiCaprio Performances That Weren’t Nominated For an Oscar

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2021.10.27 21:45 Decent_Tea_1776 How to get stuff

How to get stuff
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2021.10.27 21:45 Unique-Alternative42 Who's death more depressing in the 2007 movie

View Poll
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2021.10.27 21:45 fru-gal_slacks Why does my dog love/hate me?

Terrier mix rescue approx 10 yrs, 16 lbs. Had him 8 years. I am his person. My Partner shares feeding and walking duties, but if they go without me the dog just wants to come home to me as soon as possible. When we have left him at home and return he rushes past my partner to greet me. He is anxious when I am away.
BUT he will not sit with me on the couch or come to me when I call him for a cuddle. He looks at me sideways and slinks away to jump into someone else's lap. If I pick him up and put him on my lap he stands rigidly while I stroke him and jumps down as soon as possible. If he is sleeping on the couch and I sit down at the other end he immediately jumps down. Long winter evenings are just ahead and I will find myself sitting alone while my dog lolls in the lap of any other person in the room.
He sleeps on the bed, wants to be on my lap in the car but will not sit with me at any other time or place.
As he gets older this behaviour gets more pronounced. Has anyone else experienced this? Any theories?
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2021.10.27 21:45 musicfiend08 Services needed

Have a few artists friends I want to surprise with chopping and screwing their singles for them. If anyone can or send me the appropriate person. This would be very helpful and I understand there will be a fee and not free
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2021.10.27 21:45 kuyakix To Infinity War... and Beyond

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2021.10.27 21:45 nrf81 Not exactly buff but I’m still gonna go as Alex Terrible for Halloween. Here’s the mask that just came in the mail

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2021.10.27 21:45 cmplxgal The Democrats' Incredible Shrinking Agenda

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2021.10.27 21:45 tKorra Tried and failed

I used tinder for a few weeks. Got two matches. I messaged them and neither responded. I'm taking this as a sign.
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2021.10.27 21:45 Chai_and_pie Megan-"if it effects me, then I will care"- Wells posting a very progressive and anti-private business post on maternity leave.

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2021.10.27 21:45 lvee799 Anyone know when this vintage denim shirt was made?

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2021.10.27 21:45 Jammer1080 Um.........

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2021.10.27 21:45 WinglessBone69 Does UofC allow the use of introductory or intermediate 3 credit courses for the fulfillment of an option admission requirement? Wondering if Computing Science and Communication Technology could be used.

Context: I am currently in grade 12 and I was looking to apply for the computer science program at UofC. I know for sure that I have 4 of the admission requirements down, those being english, math, and two sciences. Now, the 5th requirement is an option, and I have many choices for this to be honest, but I want to use the options classes I have taken that have the highest scores. This should help boost my admission average.
Now, I'm wondering if UofC will consider "introductory" or even "intermediate" options courses for the purpose of fulfilling admission requirements. Like for example, I have taken a 3 credit, introductory CTS class called "Computing science". The modules in this course are named Computer Science 1(CSE1010), Structured programming 1(CSE1110), and CSE Project A(CSE1910). I hope these specific details may help you answer my question somewhat.
Also, the specifics for Communication Technology are:

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2021.10.27 21:45 quellaman QR Codes Help Attackers Sneak Emails Past Security Controls

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2021.10.27 21:45 watts8 My new gf of 3 months, I found out slept with a lot of my friends in university and was known for getting around

And basically met up with them this weekend and they told me some things she did back then. I think because they’re trying to put me off her, like a ‘he’ll thank us when he finishes her’ kind of thing, thinking what they told me would put me off her. So I really like her, been having the best time last few months with her, but not going to lie I have been put off a bit. She did tell me herself before them when she figured out I was mates with them, so that was cool of her rather than it being a surprise off them. And at first I wasn’t too bothered, past is in the past, but after seeing the guys they’re basically saying gtfo, but know just saying that wouldn’t work, hence telling me stories of her past to put me off her.
Any thoughts? Similar experiences? As I said I really like her, but what they did has worked somewhat and now I’m not sure what to do
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