Couldn't win a single match tonight

2021.10.27 21:37 OneDumbfuckLater Couldn't win a single match tonight

I got absolutely obliterated and feel like shit. That is all.
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2021.10.27 21:37 Matthew_Eric_Brown Mordheim: The Town Cryer Gets Interviewed on a Daytime Talk Show – Still More Audio Drama Nonsense!

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2021.10.27 21:37 goblin_goblin What's a good stereotype?

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2021.10.27 21:37 Kobbot Hallowgant Manor | Eerie manor map for halloween

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2021.10.27 21:37 ChipSkylark3220 Phase Difference

Suppose an interferometer is arranged so that the two beams of light arrive exactly in phase when recombined. A materials engineer would like to determine the index of refraction n of a new type of glass. For what thicknesses a will destructive interference of the beams occur?
I am having trouble deriving an expression for the phase difference between the two beams.
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2021.10.27 21:37 lwxnfc For those who missed the Shiba train, what’s the next meme crypto stock?

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2021.10.27 21:37 ShawnConway SHIB BURN PLAYLIST

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2021.10.27 21:37 brianeds1993 Watching 'Drive to Survive'... This statement certainly didn't age well.

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2021.10.27 21:37 SweetStock Chapter 61 Theory thread. Let's hear em'. Spoilers.

Who is Doni and how did he become a whistle? Will Clawbot make an appearance in the 7th layer? If so, does this confirm that Lyza reached the bottom? Why is Riko obsessed with butts?
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2021.10.27 21:37 nibdoe [US-OH] [H] Paypal [W] Built-board with vintage blacks

Yeah so I'll consider any built-board with vint blacks under $600. Had a board with these a long time ago but time is a luxury for me at the moment, so want it to already be built.
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2021.10.27 21:37 cumaranatdfh $Baby RocketBunny 🐰 - Fair Faunched Today| Audited | 100% LP Locked 1 Month | Bullish Chart📈

🚀🐰 $Baby RocketBunny is a decentralized finance project that was launched on Binance Smart Chain on October 25th at 6 pm UTC. You can find the token available for trade on Pancakeswap, the most popular Decentralized Exchange on BSC. A new Meme token, based on Elon Musk's tweet, with huge potential.
📌Contract: 0x1814266f34053af048d53e87d57f1fb553d5ce8c
💬 Telegram:
🌎 Website:
💬 Twitter:
📝 Audit:
❗️ Fair Launch
➡️ 100% of the Liquidity locked until 2022 via DxSale
➡️ Buyback active
➡️ Anti-Snipe
➡️ Airdrops will be randomly distributed to active members on Telegram after the launch.
✏️ Contract: 0x1814266f34053af048d53e87d57f1fb553d5ce8c
📌 Launch Date: 25 OCT - 6:00 PM UTC
🔒 100% of the Liquidity will be locked for One Month
⭐️ Liquidity Start: 2 BNB
NAME: Baby RocketBunny
SYMBOL: $BabyRocketBunny
TOTAL SUPPLY: 100,000,000,000
Burn: 50% | Liquidity: 45% | Airdrop: 3% | Marketing: 2%
Transaction Fee
💸 2% goes to Ecosystem
💸 4% goes to Liquidity
💸 4% goes to Marketing
💸 2% goes to BuyBack Feature
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2021.10.27 21:37 Yung_Blasphemy malfestio is fun to fight

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2021.10.27 21:37 Boombox_kid Darkrai on me ! 7581 8132 5223 / 3709 8198 3515

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2021.10.27 21:37 OfficerTruth FCL Deep Dive

FCL- Target entry: $0.40-0.45 Price at time of writing: $0.473 Resistance: $0.485, $0.524 Support: $0.461, $0.440, $0.420, $0.401 Market cap: $42M
Built on Polkadot, Fractal Protocol is an open-source, zero-margin protocol that defines a basic standard to exchange user information in a fair and open way, ensuring a high-quality version of the free internet. In its first version, it is designed to replace the ad cookie and give users back control over their data. Fractal will create a data commons that empowers healthy competition, erodes rent-seeking duopoly margins, and increases the utility available to users. Fractal aims to disrupt data access exclusivity by creating incentives and infrastructure for users to share accurate and verifiable data about themselves, ensuring data sovereignty and content monetizability. In addition to the Protocol, Fractal offers Fractal ID and Fractal Wallet functions as well. Fractal Wallet introduces a unique decentralized wallet for all your credentials, e.g. KYC data. It’s decentralized for your security and lives in a browser extension. You can choose to whom you disclose verified data about yourself, e.g. to initial (decentralized) exchange listing platforms. Exchanges: Kucoin, Uniswap
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2021.10.27 21:37 birquah What usually happens with banked cord blood?

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2021.10.27 21:37 Im-Pikachu What I ordered vs what I got

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2021.10.27 21:37 ramonkool Is modest dress big among non-religious people too?

Is it a religious thing or do non-religious people do it too?
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2021.10.27 21:37 CottonCandyAngel333 Using Olga’s Ethereals To Define My Style Part 2 (Clothing, Color, And Textures)

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2021.10.27 21:37 Lt_Waffle Darkrai raid on me!!

7254-8886-5623 we need 5
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2021.10.27 21:37 xXxBougHeroxXx The CHONKulator

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2021.10.27 21:37 _WhoElse 3 shells weren’t broken

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2021.10.27 21:37 CrudePi- [Ng][Bl:34][RtVS][password:341](waiting at lamp)

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2021.10.27 21:37 gameaddic99 Inktober day 27: Spark

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2021.10.27 21:37 smallbiceps90 Is my training finally paying off?

Last night in my dream some asshole started a fight with me and I maintained distance control, expertly slipped two punches before countering, and then landed a knee on my wife sleeping next to me- and judging by her reaction it was a solid blow. So yeah, I’d say I’m getting pretty good.
When/how did you guys realize you were finally making real improvement?
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2021.10.27 21:37 mrs_moundshroud Got my Fireside Flurries today. How are we feeling about Midnight Sky and Sleigh Ride Snuggles?

Hey hey, y'all!
I blind ordered Fireside Flurries, and it came today. It's different than I expected, but I like it. I thought it was similar to other "Cashmere" scents at first, but then I could really smell the vanilla. I saw that others say they can smell a smokey note, which I don't get, so that's a little disappointing. Overall, it's a nice scent though. How do y'all feel about Twinkling Midnight Sky and Sleigh Ride Snuggles?
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