filejacker - You Don't Have To Fight It

2021.09.24 01:59 filejacker00 filejacker - You Don't Have To Fight It

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2021.09.24 01:59 yeaharea Turnograph Blue or White?

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2021.09.24 01:59 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 01:59 WatchingWaavves Transitions. 😵‍💫

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2021.09.24 01:59 Dr-DadgettingMilk Just me?

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2021.09.24 01:59 pureams IKEA ALEX desk for sale $100

Long Some imperfections on the table top. Does not come with the pole. I’m located near Venice. I’m moving at the end of the month and need it gone ASAP.
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2021.09.24 01:59 SinnerSugaBun Which is better to buy? I'm Level 80

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2021.09.24 01:59 Busman321 A win for sure

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2021.09.24 01:59 hellotherewastaken space plays ow2 beta ( single tank meta)

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2021.09.24 01:59 Accomplished-Law4811 Test

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2021.09.24 01:59 thelifeinbetween1 I just relapsed minutes ago

I just relapsed some minutes ago, breaking my long streak. I feel so ashamed and soo guilty but I will keep going, I am restarting my counter and starting again. I would not let anything hold me down. Wish me luck
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2021.09.24 01:59 Revolutionary_Tea_55 Cost of An Implant? Dental Insurance or not? Help!

Hi, I'm in California and need to have a tooth extracted. I have the medicare dental plan, which covers things like visits and extractions but not any sort of replacement tooth.
I was given a quote for either:

  1. an implant
  2. bridge (3 unit)
  3. removable unilateral replacement
I would prefer option 1, the implant.
With the surgical guide/treatment plan, bone graft and membrane, abutment and crown, they quoted me about $5k, since my insurance won't cover it.
I am wondering if this is a faicommon price for the implant?
And, would it make sense for me to try to get a dental insurance plan (any recommendations?) to help cover the cost of an Implant? I feel like the premiums combined with a deductible would mean they wouldn't cover the treatment until I reach a certain amount?
I don't know what to do. Any advice appreciated!
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2021.09.24 01:59 candyCorn8977 How to prepare for the new boss?

For the last few days I have been trying my best to prepare for the new boss. The most obvious first thing to do is getting all the skills (WC, Hunter, Fishing, and Mining). Presumably even though the highest tier nodes will be at t92 having skills higher (up to 99) should theoretically increase the rate at which you gather from those nodes.
The next obvious thing is tools. I spent a while getting the pickaxe of earth and song (already had the crystal pick.
The last thing I can think of is equipment. I grinded quests and finally finishes Sliske’s Endgame for the invisible boost ring. I have a GOTE and don’t have a brooch, but I imagine these probably aren’t that good (for this boss). And finally I’ve been on the slow grind of getting (elite) skilling outfits. I have the WC outfit and I’ll probably be able to get the mining one as well. I think these will probably be a good boost here, but maybe they won’t work in the boss (I don’t see why not, but who knows).
Anyways, what are you all doing to prepare for the boss? Is there anything I’m missing?
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2021.09.24 01:59 snkde Outdoor Patio Swing Chair $129.94+Free Shipping at Walmart

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2021.09.24 01:59 isladonna Mexican Dress series - traje típico from the state of Chihuahua, Mexico

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2021.09.24 01:59 DrBrigthon Hello guys right now I'm feeling super extremely excited passing the Nclex was one of my main goals and it has finally come to happen thank you guys for the support and tips you'll shared I'm willing to share my study plan to anyone interested just dm 🥳🥳

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2021.09.24 01:59 Jenthecatgirl Colossus (Stellaris)

They’re just.. gone
An entire planet of individuals just… gone
I’m an engineer on the ship that wiped out billions.
I looked down at a planet as its plates slowly broke away from the core, so many families, friends, enemies even, dead. At least if they were a hivemind species you could have a moral argument about their intelligence, but, those were people. It’s so hard to process. I helped destroy an entire planet. Sure I was just an engineer making sure the reactor was operating correctly, but still, I can’t stop thinking about how I helped destroy all those people. I have to resign from the fleet, I could maybe join the pacifist faction, they’ll understand the horror I saw today.
Half of me just wants to run away & try to forget today but, if I do that, then the horrors I experienced today will have taught me nothing. Maybe my story will help the cause.
I just realized, anyone on that ship who doesn’t do what I plan on doing is either stupid, a coward, or a monster, then again, stupidity & monstrousness tend to run together. Anyways, the Technate must change its belligerent nature, & pay reparations for the billions lost, or else it deserves the Colossus turned on its own worlds, to feel the loss that was forced upon others by its hand. War is a mistake & the galaxy has seen its consequence. If powers capable of building world destroyers don’t stop themselves, then the galaxy will tear itself apart & the world the empires found themselves in will just come around again.
Remnants of some empires & ruins of the rest.
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2021.09.24 01:59 Noneed4coin Cz bayonet looking pretty mean 😈

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2021.09.24 01:59 Remarkable-Refuse-25 Pushing rice down

First time grower. Does anyone have a good way of pushing the rice down to the bottom or is it just struggle the whole way through? I managed to do it with one bag but one of them still has a grain or two stuck at the top.
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2021.09.24 01:59 LusoAustralian Former Yugoslav Republic of Athens

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2021.09.24 01:59 AzbxcyMnlokp (OC) Hermes Costello fanart

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2021.09.24 01:59 Doge_Gamer_524 Attention all my hero academia fans

I come from the DOOM subreddit and I have an announcement anime is temporary but DOOM is eternal.
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2021.09.24 01:59 Maximum_Overhype Rip waypoint

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2021.09.24 01:59 twostripeduck A statistician gets on a plane.

A Statistician gets on a plane. Guy next to him says "I'm scared of flying." The statistician says "I used to be. I used to be worried about terrorists." The guy asks "How'd you stop being scared?" The statistician says "I bought a bomb on the plane." Panicked, the guy yells "What!?"
Statistician goes "Calm down, you see, I'm not gonna blow myself up, and what are the odds there are two bombs on one plane?"
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