I feel like you guys are underrating CJ McCollum, and I don’t blame you.

2021.09.24 02:03 melikesreddit I feel like you guys are underrating CJ McCollum, and I don’t blame you.

CJ has suffered from skill redundancy his entire career, he’s one of the most talented scorers in the NBA but has always pulled lower scoring averages because of his skills overlap with Damian Lillard. When Dame sits out CJ always averages 25+ ppg, easily all-star numbers in the east. I fully believe that CJ would be an all-star year in and year out if he had been playing in the east all this time, and with so much discussion about how you “must get an all-star in return for Ben Simmons” I think it’s worth considering what that means exactly.
For the vast majority of CJ’s career the western guard competition has included Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Chris Paul, Donovan Mitchell, Devin Booker, Klay Thompson, and most importantly Damian Lillard whose presence on the team steals dozens of scoring opportunities from CJ every game. Him not being an all-star on paper is practically moot as he’d certainly be one had he been in the east and on a team with a more favorable composition. If this dude had been playing for Chicago all this time he’d be talked about like Booker or Beal.
CJ falls into the second tier of guards with the likes of Jamal Murray, Donovan Mitchell, Bradley Beal, De’Aaron Fox, etc. On the sixers he’d be a 22-29ppg all-star scorer who spreads the floor and helps Embiid get to work. Most Blazer fans love CJ but have long seen that he needs to be traded to reach his full potential, and unfortunately the Young Socialite is a much better fit for our composition. I think Sixer fans are focusing too much on all-star credentials that are imbalanced between conferences and avoiding the truth that a CJ for Ben trade makes both teams substantially better. He also makes less money and his contract expires a year sooner than Ben’s should the team decide to go a different route in the near future.
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2021.09.24 02:03 gatordogg504 I have some weird feeling in my head but it's very rare.

Every once in a while I get a weird feeling in my head. The only way I could describe it is that I feel lightheaded and everything around me feels fake. It lasts for a while and I feel confused and it's really strange. I've been trying to describe it for years and the closest thing I've found is depersonalization derealization disorder but even that seems kinda different with extra symptoms.
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2021.09.24 02:03 Willjamesmagic Unique build aspects

I want to know what unique things you have added into your builds. Maybe something that took alot of time to make, or something you haven't seen in any other build. I feel like I have alot of "unique" components, and am curious on everyones elses!
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2021.09.24 02:03 Trunko_Gus I'm feeling handsome today

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2021.09.24 02:03 mafiawars_io GLNVGN is a new game card playable in the Mafia Wars game at https://mafiawars.io

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2021.09.24 02:03 Own_Contest4935 Help

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2021.09.24 02:03 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 02:03 JohanKaramazov What part of the brisket should measure 205° before pulling it? The point or the flat?

The point is probe tender and at 203° and the flat isn’t and it’s at about 195°.
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2021.09.24 02:03 donniedamage Posjet

Podbuhle oči
znana tortura
Karamazovski vrag u mojoj je sobi.
Lagano kroči,
bocka me,
U nesanoj noći volju mi drobi.
Poznat mi drug
odavna je već
ne da mi sjedit,
ni leć.
On nema bonton,
ni pardon,
ni stid.
Koža k'o karton
hrđavi harpun,
grebe mi zid.
Grba figura,
počinak kvari.
Trga pokrivač,
pipa mi stvari.
Lijeka napretek,
opcija malo.
Odriješiti čvor,
ne bi se dalo.
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2021.09.24 02:03 EducaSecta 'Desgrafenarse', el último disparate de los antivacunas

Las ocurrencias de los grupos antivacunas no dejan de sorprendernos. La última: desgrafenarse. Una acción que iría dirigida a limpiar nuestro organismo del grafeno que nos habrían introducido con la vacuna y anular el efecto magnético que -se supone- confiere el fármaco. Sería algo así como desvacunarse.
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2021.09.24 02:03 introsort [Hiring] Cruise (Cruise)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Cruise
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2021.09.24 02:03 creativeaftercoffee cozy nook to relax

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2021.09.24 02:03 Wowiekazowee Pokemon X Section One Finished!! (Time 62:39)

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2021.09.24 02:03 autoburner23 Help with poor performance

I have a brand new HP omen i bought like 4 months ago and this game is running in the mid 40’s FPS as well as lots of screen tearing even with vsync enabled.
16gb ram and Nvidia 3060
Shouldn’t i be able to max this game out at 60fps?
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2021.09.24 02:03 WasabiThen Bit of an upgrade to my box houses lol

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2021.09.24 02:03 TheBannedBanana What's gonna happen after the match

The tournament is almost over and I wonder what'll happen afterwards. Depending on the outcome, fighting in Japan could be changed a lot more.
Koga continuing with his training is a given although idk if he'll be a kengan fighter after this. I wouldn't mind the series focusing on the remaining kengan association trying to hold up what is left of its connections if it loses this match. I think a lot of it might get absorbed into purgatory since most of it's top fighters imo are better than the A rank guys brought to the table. Maybe even Koga will be pulled to their side and he gets to fight Kim Jang Gi.
I also don't think Ryuki will be returning to normal for a while after this, or ever, which I think is a good thing since he's finally changed his mindset about killing worms. If he ends up going dark I think a fight between him and Koga is coming and it'd be something more personal and Koga wouldn't let other fighters save him. It'd be that whole friendshippy thing that I think works well for their arc.
Assuming (hoping) Waka wins, I really wonder how ohmas fight is gonna go since it's outcome could change a lot about how his character will be. If he wins it'll feel a bit boring for his character imo, since it allows the least things to happen. If he loses I wonder if some stuff about him will be revealed like maybe he never intended to win the fight he was in or something, and Koga has to fight him eventually.
I just hope it's a hell of a ride.
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2021.09.24 02:03 raisethesong Villanova Using Leaf Blowers to Simulate Noise at Beaver Stadium

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2021.09.24 02:03 nikolas_tesla1 I can't find somewhere to download the ender dragon's animation

I'm having issues with my mc mod because I have created a variant of the dragon, the same bone structure and geometry just the skin changed, but when I try to search for the original animations for the dragon I can't find any that have them or even a download just for the animations, where can I get the animations for the ender dragon? Or any mob at that People said bedrock models in blockbench already come with the animations, but it doesn't seem to be true for my case, help please
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2021.09.24 02:03 Working_Negative Females of reddit, have you ever gotten pregnant and if so, what did it feel like?

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2021.09.24 02:03 Riley5400 11 Months of Wearing My Submariner Daily!

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2021.09.24 02:03 gajodanet Здравствуйте!! Can anyone give me advice about an easy to read book in Russian? Something like you read in middle or prep school. If there’s anyone interested in Portuguese we can make an exchange, I will send you a Portuguese book and you send me a Russian one. That would be interesting. Greetings

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2021.09.24 02:03 IcyKindheartedness25 I keep getting notifications on a browser where im not logged into reddit?

I use firefox container tabs, each one has its own cookies etc, so while logged in on one im logged out on the other. I have notifications off on the one where Im logged in but I keep reciving ones opening to the one where im logged out. On this page to opt out

it only has an option to turn them off if I'm logged in, so is this a bug and I'm not supposed to be getting them? or is there some undocumented way to shut them off outside of your account
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2021.09.24 02:03 Lost-My-Mind- System requirements question. PC

So, I looked at the system requirements, and it said i5 was needed. I have an i3. I'm just wondering how much of an issue this would be?
The base game is on sale for $6. I don't mind wasting $6, but if it does play, I was going to get all the DLC, while it's all on sale.
So, assuming I do get it to play with my i3, is there any reason to believe adding DLC would then make it harder for my i3 to handle the game? I mean, lets be honest, the game looks like it's graphically a hybrid between SNES and gamecube. How much CPU could it really need, right?
I just don't want to buy a $6 game, and have it work, and then spend $70 more on DLC, and have it STOP working.
I WANT the steam version......and maybe I'm in denial that my PC can't handle it.......but, maybe it can? Would the DLC add extra load to break it, if the base game works?
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2021.09.24 02:03 XDeathX_01 H:selling outfits W:some caps

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2021.09.24 02:03 ddlubala2 LC

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