k5b7b 9kr9d heh7z dkkid 953n4 2y5dt nrksk nr35r 5bzb8 heiyr nyhb8 93s56 afik3 z4dky ydzee ynk69 5fybi tba97 6addn 54d8d 2sfhz $Useless will be the first token to be integrated into the Surge Ecosystem, creating upward pressure. Native staking feature included meaning $Useless holders will get rewarded through two contracts |

$Useless will be the first token to be integrated into the Surge Ecosystem, creating upward pressure. Native staking feature included meaning $Useless holders will get rewarded through two contracts

2021.09.24 01:18 ruski_brat $Useless will be the first token to be integrated into the Surge Ecosystem, creating upward pressure. Native staking feature included meaning $Useless holders will get rewarded through two contracts

$Useless will be the first token to be integrated into the Surge Ecosystem, creating upward pressure. Native staking feature included meaning $Useless holders will get rewarded through two contracts submitted by ruski_brat to cryptomarketsbet [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 01:18 hannagoesbananas Re-learning VBA

Hello! I took a VBA course in college and I want to learn again. What would be best the way to re-learn VBA? Are there practice pages / sites to help? Any and all suggestions are welcome.
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2021.09.24 01:18 alakzou Pdf please

Wanna read offline need pdf of the volumes. Alors is it good the store?
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2021.09.24 01:18 spierski0313 [WTS] Breitling Navy Croco Strap *Like New*

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2021.09.24 01:18 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 01:18 engineer80 W: Graveyard H: Miner

Join my clan #LUCVGCRV. Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.24 01:18 Electronic_Mix_2933 **

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2021.09.24 01:18 TheAutisticHominid I found this little guy a while back. I found a few other mice as well. Only their eyes were bulging. How old do you think they are? I found the entry point and blocked it. All mice captured by me were released safely into the wild. All mice captured by the cats... that's another story

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2021.09.24 01:18 HollyWoodSpoiler I have a message sort comments by oldest or whatever to get the message

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2021.09.24 01:18 Ceres73 After ~170 invasions with ~80% win rate, here are the issues with Julianna's design and the easiest solutions

I'm not going to touch on things like netcode here, as they'll already be doing all they can.
1) The Julianna player is incentivised to use as little of the map as possible. Colt is a fairly easy target when you know where he is, and you know where he is most when he spawns, so spawncamping followed by blinking into his spawn if the door is open, seems to be the best route.
2) You can lose before you even load in, either through Colt teleporting to your spawn or Colt leaving the tunnels without even leaving spawn
3) Some Colts never leave spawn
Solution: Julianna's spawn should be a part of the visionary's base, the added distance should guarantee both Colt and Julianna leave spawn, and interact with more of the map. This added distance should also allow Julianna to only join once Colt has actually left spawn.
4) Imbalanced matchmaking
Solution: When Colt hasn't even started imbuing slabs, he shouldn't be invadable by high level Juliannas. I know I'm ruining games when I hear Colt is trying to kill Wenjie for the first time.
5) Julianna is incentivised to kill Colt the instant he respawns
Solution: Colt's revive should be set at a minimum distance to Julianna, and certainly outside of her sightline. The respawn graphics should not be visible to Julianna. Currently the best way for me to win is to teleport back up Colt's path and shotgun him the moment he regains control of his character. This respawn should also not put Colt back in his spawnroom, as that just feeds into the above problems.
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2021.09.24 01:18 UnknownZealot77 Bullying a Red Itsumade (+9)

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2021.09.24 01:18 TweetArchiveBot Ricardo Rosselló RT from MáveR: #Day9 #51x51 Mensaje poderoso Por el futuro de Puerto Rico.. JUSTICIA. Gracias a @beatrizrossello por apoyarnos.

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2021.09.24 01:18 Regular-Procedure-17 Cursed_R.I.P Kobe

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2021.09.24 01:18 United-Turnover-8409 What do you think the gimmick boss will be?

From bed of chaos to the divine dragon, every from software game has had a gimmick boss that have steadily varied in quality over the years. What to do you think Elden rings will be? I personally think it will involve something with our mount and trying to get to a part of the map in an amount of time.
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2021.09.24 01:18 xxx992081xxx Thank you to everyone who isn't being a dick

That's right, no matter if you're a healthcare worker, a teacher, a waitewaitress, as long as you're not being an asshole I would like to thank you. Especially to everyone who is vaccinated and being responsible and doing their part.
And if you are an anti-vaxxer, please just shut up. No, the governement isn't trying to poison you. The (mis)information you're getting from Facebook and Twitter are wrong. No, this isn't a matter of politics, this is a matter of people's lives. So please, even if you don't want to get the vaccine and would rather rot in your home, at least stfu and stop spreading vaccine misinformation.
With that, I would also like to give a shout out to basically all/most healthcare workers. As our cases and hospitalizations rise, i know we are not in a great situation right now. You guys are doing great though, so yeah, thanks for being an amazing person.
Hopefully this will end soon I guess.
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2021.09.24 01:18 GoldenYoshistar1 Bowser kicking the stand

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2021.09.24 01:18 Ddosisreal I'm 18 do I have to leave now ?

Title is self explanatory, just curious
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2021.09.24 01:18 Haywizzle [WTS] Radian Raptor SD-SL for AR15 & SD for AR10/SR25 (CT)

PayPal, Zelle or Cashapp accepted. Flair under 15 must pay gift/friends&family. You pay extra fees for G&S. Use this fee calculator to figure out the amount. Will usually ship USPS next business day or sooner.
Radian Raptor SD-SL for AR15/M16 (BLACK) - $105 Shipped
Radian Raptor SD for AR10/SR25 (BLACK) - $105 Shipped
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2021.09.24 01:18 bmr42 Chevy connected access doesn’t show charging information?

On Star is now down to just the basic Connected access and now I can no longer see my estimated time the car will finish charging in the app. Is this normal?
It just says “See vehicle for status”
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2021.09.24 01:18 decorama The Temptations - Ball ofConfusion

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2021.09.24 01:18 stevester90 Let’s go BLIAQ! Get up and fight

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2021.09.24 01:18 SafiyahOrr 🐕 FAIRLAUNCH FEW MINUTESS 🐕 | $ DOGEBNB | Missed out on Tiki, Astrokitties & SPHINX? This is your chance! | +2000TG members 💰

💲 Welcome to DogeBNB 💲 DogeBNB public fairlaunch will be on the 23th of September 5.30 PM UTC on PancakeSwap
Our links :
🌐 Website : dogebnb-token. space/
💬 Telegram : t. me/dogeBNB_Token
What is DogeBNB?
$ DOGEBNB is an automatic BNB reflection token! Let’s go big, let’s go rich! Dashboard & website will be available directly on the website. Completely stealth launched token, from ground to the moon! Don’t worry about the whales because there is a maximum 1.5% total supply hold per wallet address at start.
Treasury of the Doge Family : the doge family has created a treasury that is set to grow into a digital bank, the more $ DogeBNB you hodl, the more rewards you earn in BNB.
DogeBNB Token is also coming up with a Surprise Game that the community would love to play and win huge rewards. More details on the game and BNB rewards coming soon.
Till then, let's grow the community to the biggest community dedicated to a Financial System meant for the Doge & Meme Community.
DogeBNB token is a new BSC project with enormous ambitions, aiming to solve some of the problems of today’s cryptos world. Specifically focused on low market cap projects. We are fully committed to address issues that can make new coins fail after the initial outburst by avoiding big wallets and bot sniping.
In order to take this as far as possible, we will build a strong and constantly growing community, in which TRUE holders are going to get BIG rewards periodically in a very innovative way 🥇
Along the road the team will give fresh incentives to hold, keeping community well informed thus maintaining investor’s trust. Basically, you can think of this project as a sort of fundraising which repays investors constantly each step towards the final objective.
Some features such as redistribution structure and special airdrops will be announced after the launch and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed
Fly with us, let’s create something big together.
More Information :
💲 Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000
🥇 Their redistribution works on BNB. Every buy/sell redistributes 4%
of BNB generated in the transaction to token hodlers.
❌ No team wallets
⚡️ We are closing deals and partnerships with a whole lineup of influencers on Tiktok, Instagram and Youtubers
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2021.09.24 01:18 EarthBullTH170 Guess Who's Back?

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2021.09.24 01:18 ContentForager Got my 1st handstand push up! (/r/crossfit)

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2021.09.24 01:18 OriginalPianoProdigy Saw this Jeep a few days ago. Keith IS from Mass… Bullish!

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