You can take a university course deconstructing the music of The Weeknd and Drake and the Toronto scene that birthed them

2021.09.24 02:14 ramenmangaka You can take a university course deconstructing the music of The Weeknd and Drake and the Toronto scene that birthed them

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2021.09.24 02:14 Saltiest_Sailor [WTS] Aero Precision M5 Enhanced FDE 12" Keymod Rail with Impact Weapons Components Harris Bipod Mount and FDE BCM Grip (NJ)

Payment, Shipping, and Transaction Info:

1 - Aero Precision M5 Enhanced FDE 12" Keymod Rail with Impact Weapons Components Harris Bipod Mount and FDE BCM Grip: Less than 100 rounds of use. Like new. Harris Bipod in pics not included. Just giving you an idea of what it looks like when mounted. IWC bipod mount is slick, locks up tight, and is lightweight AF.
Enhanced Keymod Rail
$165 Shipped
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2021.09.24 02:14 doslicious Space suds

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2021.09.24 02:14 i3z1n anyone willing to shuttle shinx?

0397 8623 5880
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2021.09.24 02:14 Allison080 Hi guys,I’m Debby. I’m available now and ready to have some fun. I’m available for hookup. All my services are full and professional.Text me for an unforgettable experience 2143804781

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2021.09.24 02:14 Lycor-1s Imagine EoSF set that scales with Healing bonus %

think about it... if we get a kind of EoSF set that actually scales with Healing bonus%, it solves a lot of problem that kokomi has right now. her E can deal good damage and Q get a buff as well .
let's say its like this 2 pc effect - healing bonus +15% 4 pc effect - Increases DMG by xx% of healing bonus. A maximum of xx% bonus DMG can be obtained in this way.
this also can give another set for the healers to use in case healers will replace shield as the current meta. Jean can be great with her healing bonus ascension, barbara can be better and Qiqi can be made viable with her healing bonus ascension :)
It provides kokomi the versatility in any team that focuses her on being a Q dps like raiden, a great support with great off field dmg enabler and a great healer as the healing will be insane
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2021.09.24 02:14 Ashiology I drew calcifer from “Howls moving castle”

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2021.09.24 02:14 justcuriousing Trying to find a professor

Does anyone know who the attractive Asian professor is? She teaches at cuneo and carries a brief Case. Could also be a TA. Left belonging in elevator on 9/22 and want to return.
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2021.09.24 02:14 Jaded_Owl5829 Now that the next sneak peek is out, could you open a beta……..?

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2021.09.24 02:14 JayHoldon The Fall - Live albums all £9.99 including doubles! Over 18 different titles!

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2021.09.24 02:14 ThePatchster Only one woman has ever been medically evacuated.

When looking back through the medevacs I was shocked to realize that Kourtney Moon of One World is the only woman to ever be medically evacuated. Since Dana left on her own terms it was a quit. To be ME’d it has to be the doctors decision.
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2021.09.24 02:14 Blueby5 My balance changes

Hi sub, this is my version of changes that I wish to see in the future balance patch, let me know what you think. Will update when necessary.
Bandle Tree
Round Start: Create a follower from a new region in hand. Win the game if you've summoned units from 10 regions. ----> Round Start: Create a random multi region follower. Win the game if you've summoned units from 10 regions.
Bandle City Mayor
BASE STATS: 2/2 -----> 2/1
Herald of Dragons
BASE STATS: 1/1 -----> 1/2
twinblade revenant
BASE STATS: 4/3 -----> 4/1
The Fangs
BASE STATS: 2/2 -----> 3/2 (reverted)
Curious Shelfolk
BASE STATS: 4/6 -----> 4/5
Aloof Travelers
BASE STATS: 3/4 -----> 3/3
When I’m summoned, both players draw 1, then your opponent discards their highest cost non-champion card
You've gained 7+ spell mana this game -----> You've gained 10+ spell mana this game
Spider Queen Elise (lv2)
BASE STATS: 4/3 -----> 4/4
BASE STATS: 3/2 -----> 3/3( reverted)
Katarina Champions spell
Death lotus ----> Shunpo
Level up: I 've seen you deal 15+ damage-----> I 've seen you deal 15+ damage then create a mirror image in hand
Tristana Lv2
I have +1|+0 for each multi-region ally you've summoned this game. When you summon a multi-region ally, grant it +1|+0 and Impact. -----> I have +1|+0 for each multi-region ally you've summoned this game. Your multi- region ally has impact.
New Keyword Attune
Poppy lv1
BASE STATS: 4/3 -----> 3/3
Braum lv1
BASE STATS: 0/5 -----> 1/5
Hexcore Upgrade
Grant Viktor a random keyword. -----> Grant Viktor everywhere a random keyword.
Garen Lv2
New Keyword Tough
Kindred The first time you slay a unit each round, I mark the weakest enemy. Round End: Kill units with my mark. -----> The first time you slay a unit each round, I mark the weakest enemy. Round end or attack, Kill units with my mark.
Tryndamere lv2
Play: the first time I would die, full heal me instead
Champions that wasn't up here but could use some more support cards : Diana, Zilean, Leona, Ekko, Nocturne, Yasuo, Vladimir, Hecarim, Lux, Malphite.
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2021.09.24 02:14 Asuna514 ill probably never own a rayvenfire so i gave one to an anime girl (+ a deploy for my deploy bois)

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2021.09.24 02:14 Voffer_ A Two-Face Monster - PART II (THANKS for all the support!)

DUDE I'm touched by all the support you gave me with the previous chapter. So glad you liked it. This gives me a boost to keep going on my journey to become an author on this topic ─ and maybe someday I could write for children too! Would be awesome to have books aimed at 11-15ish boys and make them aware of this inner superpower from an early age, instead of the literature crap we have today.
These next chapters will be mostly world and character building. I strived to make it as easy and fun to read as possible.
Also, if you feel that some of my words have made you weak in the knees, don't hesitate to donate at my PayPal ─ I'll be eternally grateful if you do because ya know, third world things.

When he finally arrived home on the outskirts of the city, he was welcomed by three of his sons: Marcus, Felix, and Nikola, ages 7, 8, and 11.
They were in the front yard playing pass the ball before he arrived ─ and as soon as he did they asked him to join them to play.
"Not at this moment kiddos, I think I have a bit of a headache. I'll go see your mom and later we'll see if we can play a bit, okay?" Marshall said. And even though the headache was a lie, he still wanted to relax from the odd things that had happened that day.
Marshall walked into his 2,500 square foot ranch-style house. Although he was a minimalist in many aspects of his life, he didn't like the idea of skimping on the place where he would live with his wife and kids.
Upon entering the kitchen, he immediately saw that it was indeed Amy, his 6-year-old daughter, the author of that buttery smell in the air.
"Daddyyy!!" shouted the flour, sugar, and butter-filled thing rushing towards Marshall.
"Come here sweetie," said Marshall as he carried his daughter in his arms trying not to get flour all over himself. He didn't make it.
"And literally sweetie," added Aurora, his wife. The two greeted each other with a wheat-flour-flavored kiss.
"Darling, why did you let Amy bake? You know well she can’t help but eat the ingredients before even baking anything" asked Marshall.
"Easy honey, I'll clean it all up later with Nikola's help. Amy was so pushy about baking cupcakes herself to celebrate another successful conference that I couldn't find a way to say no to her.”
Yes daddy look what I made for you!”
Amy pointed to a tray of cupcakes that had just been baked in the oven.
Aside from the buttery look, they didn’t look too bad for a six-year-old ─ you could tell Aurora had served as an assistant chef.
Although in some things Amy had capitalized on her position as a chef, such as her preference for slippery shiny cupcakes as Costa Rican frogs.
Marshall had strict rules about the diet in his home and the nutrition of his children. He wanted his family to be a reflection of his way of thinking as well ─ another success story for his audience if you will.
But from time to time he also allowed baking pastries such as cookies and cupcakes ─ mostly for the pleasure it gave him to see his daughter enjoying such things.
"Thanks sweetie you're such a sunshine," Marshall said as he popped a piece of cupcake into his mouth. He had to wipe his fingers with a napkin afterward.

The evening passed off at ease.
At 8 o'clock, after a sizzling 3-on-1 soccer match the boys won 6-2 (one of those being an own goal by Marcus) the whole family dined on bacon and Swiss chicken sandwiches ─ a new recipe in Aurora's repertoire in her desire to cook healthy and delicious at the same time.
At its end, Aurora told Nikola that he will help her wash the dishes.
Uugh but mom! Most of the dishes and dirty things are in there thanks to Amy” Nikola said.
Your sister is still too small to do the dishes, Nikola ─ she’s not even sink height. The time will come when she will.”
Aurora noticed that Marcus and Felix were chuckling.
“You two, what are you laughing at? Now for mocking your brother you three will wash it all yourselves, without my help”
“I don’t want to hear one more complaint, that’s not Evergreen behavior. Go and do it.” Marshall said. His voice boomed throughout the kitchen.
Thus the Evergreen brothers had no choice but to obey. They washed the dishes with their mom at their backs, watching to make sure they didn't break anything.
When they finished, Marshall approached the children to tell them a surprise he had been preparing for days.
“Hey come on over here my champs I’ve got a gift for you,” Marshall said under his breath.
The children's faces lit up in such a way that if you looked closely, you could see their faces reflected in their father's eyes.
"We'll go camping first thing tomorrow morning, you three and me, how about it?"
The children's excitement was such that they woke Amy on the other side of the house.
"But I'll need some help honey, can you wake up with me and whip up some food and snacks? While you're at it I'll get everything ready for the stay." Marshall said to his wife.
"All right, I'll set an alarm. If I don't wake up with it, wake me up yourself." Aurora said.
"Daddy what's all that noise? I was having a really nice dream with Sophie…” asked Amy as she rubbed one eye with her hand, she had just walked into the kitchen.
"Oh sweetie, it's nothing. You know what, tomorrow I'll bring you a little pet fish straight from the lake just for you, what will you name it?" Marshall was saying as he wrote "Fishing rod" on his mental to-do list.
"Hmm... Well, little fish are slippery, aren't they? I'll call it butter.”
(Let’s try this just one last time…)
Marshall was sitting on the edge of the bed.
He was trying to remember the weird dream he'd had ─ but only fragments of it were coming back.
Something to do with Aurora? Why did he feel that way?
It didn't feel real.
This... Aurora? at times was quite insistent on having sex… and having sex now and quickly.
Almost as if her life depended on it.
And other times it was just like she was a lifeless creature that he could do anything to ─ as if she was his sexual slave.
Yet, Marshall felt like doing it.
He stood in front of her and stared at her eyes… those moments where words are redundant and the air is lacking.
He could feel how his dream seemed to advance faster, as a result of the hormone surge.
Marshall put one hand on her cheek.
His other hand was busy running up her leg past her hip to her breasts.
But what is that?
A… tail?
And what’s that at the end? A pointed tail?
Marshall came back to reality and shook his head. He remembered that he had just promised his kids some camping time.
Suddenly he realized that it was his wife who would help him prepare things for the camping trip that day. When he turned his head to the right he noticed that Aurora was still sound asleep.
It was 4:03 AM. The alarm had gone off 33 minutes ago.
"Darling... Honey... Hey Aurora" Marshall whispered to his wife trying to wake her up. He couldn't.
He decided he would let her sleep a bit more before trying again. He couldn't waste any more time.
Marshall left his room and started getting everything ready for the trip.
He woke up the kids, helped them get ready, and loaded a few things into the car.
"Tent, ready. Water, ready. Knife, ready. First aid kit, ready. Repellent, ready. Snack..."
It had been 37 minutes since the last time he tried to wake Aurora up and he decided he would try again. There was still a lot of packing to do and they still didn't have anything ready to eat for the day they would be there.
Marshall went into his room being careful not to make too much noise. He wanted his wife to wake up, but not on the wrong foot.
He walked over to the bed and began to gently move Aurora.
"Hey Aurora, wake up. The kids are impatient to get out and there are still a few things to do, I need some help around here."
"Hmmph le.... let me sleep..." Aurora said though it was hard to tell if she was answering consciously or not.
“Come on honey get up it's no big deal. If you want you can go back to sleep later, I'll take the boys anyway, Amy is qui-”
"I said…LET ME SLEEP" Aurora answered, although without opening her eyes yet. She set out to continue her dream.
Marshall went blank for a moment.
Sure, they had fights and arguments from time to time, like any couple ─ but he remembered well that the day before she seemed willing to help him and he didn't understand this sudden bad temper.
"We'll talk about this later." That said Marshall left the room and closed the door.
He headed towards the living room where the kids were waiting.
"Boys your mom is feeling under the weather and won't be able to help us today. However, like the good Evergreens we are we won't sit idly by. I will prepare the food and show you where all the camping stuff is. Nikola, you're the oldest, I'm counting on you.”
The children, although a bit sleepy, did not hesitate to follow their father's instructions. They were eager to go camping so they set off.
Without waking their mom and Amy, of course.
Meanwhile, Marshall was chopping mushrooms. He loved making a mushroom pasta sauce, an heirloom from Grandma, and he had the idea to bring that for lunch.
He was starting to make up the idea that maybe his wife could read minds and had caught him dreaming about other women, hence her behavior.
"Pff, she couldn't even walk well that cheap copy of Aurora," Marshall said to himself.
Felix heard from the kitchen a sound similar to when he dropped his scissors by accident.
"Don't tell me we're going to do homework there too... "

"Fishing rod, check. Gas stove, check. Cooler, check. Flashlight, check. "
The clock read 5:28 am.
Marshall was in the living room checking everything. He felt confident about the trip.
He made his mushroom sauce and decided that due to the lack of time they would make simple meals for breakfast and dinner.
Everything seemed to be going smoothly.
The kids had been quite helpful and were able to find most of the things their father told them to bring to the car.
Even Marcus, the most cranky of all the kids, was happy to help. You could tell that they were all driven by the sheer desire to go camping.
But he couldn't stop thinking about that knife.
“It doesn't make any sense, I was just chopping mushrooms and I didn't make any strange moves... If it hadn't been for my quick reflexes I'd be on my way to the hospital right now with a knife stuck in my foot." Marshall thought.
“What’s going on Dad? Are we going out yet?” asked Marcus who was standing next to him.
"Yes buddy, we're almost there," said Marshall. He didn't tell the kids anything about the incident, just that he had just dropped it.
"Well, I have more important things to deal with. I guess I was just distracted thinking about the Aurora thing and didn't realize what I did." Marshall told himself to ignore the topic.
He focused on the trip and making sure everything was in order.
He checked to make sure there was enough gas in the car, took extra blankets and sheets, went back through his mental to-do list, grabbed 3 more bottles of water just in case, and checked that both his cell phone and power bank were properly charged.
It was getting light and they had a two-hour drive ahead of them.
"Hey kids get in the car, we're ready to go."
Nikola grabbed a book to read along the way and headed for the Honda Fit parked in front of his house. His younger brothers followed him.
After a few minutes, they were all on their way to the nearest national park.
Nikola, who sat on the left window side of the car, was trying to read his The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers book with Felix’s head resting on his shoulders ─ Felix had fallen asleep 30 minutes into the trip
Marcus on the other hand was trying to kill time listening to the car radio and appreciating the scenery but soon found out that sleep was defeating him as well.
“Something big is gonna happen. Over my dead body🎶”
Marshall was amusing himself by listening to Radiohead classics on the radio. Then he saw them in the rearview mirror.
“I'm gonna go to sleep. And let this wash all over me🎶”
Marcus leaned on Felix's shoulders who in turn was leaning on Nikola's shoulders. Nikola was just trying to keep reading his book.
Marshall smiled.
"Heh, I guess it was Nikola who inherited his father's resilience. I hope they have some slumber left to sleep at night, I don't want to get stressed out trying to put three kids to sleep in the middle of nowhere."

The slap on the forehead was such that Felix dreamed that somewhere in his wild dream world a meteor had fallen.
"The demons who dare to call themselves 'humans' have just arrived, get ready," said Felix in an archaic language to his primate buddy as he drew an arrow from his quiver.
P.S. I'm not trying to pretend that I'm gonna win a Pulitzer with this story ─ so if you have any suggestion that could improve my writing I'm all ears!
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2021.09.24 02:14 No_Benefit_1755 Y’all think it’s her people been saying it’s her

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2021.09.24 02:14 ellyatt1 Any things to watch out for when buying a used tank?

I'm going to look at a used tank later anything I should be mindful of?
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2021.09.24 02:14 SharkHead38 Nitro Fun // Snowtown Cafe

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2021.09.24 02:14 pbjars Eagle's Rest Forest Cleanup this Saturday starting at 10 am!

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2021.09.24 02:14 National_Library6512 Thoughts on engineering ESIPS program?

Hi, does anyone have experience with the ESIPS program in terms of balancing full time work and writing a thesis. Do we have to also do 2 6cp units on top that? If so how did you manage. Do you recommend doing the ESIPS program or just doing a regular thesis (A and B) in fourth year to complete your studies?
Thanks in advance for your inputs.
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2021.09.24 02:14 brittanyc24 Mushroom like growth at the base of my tree. What is this and what causes this to happen?

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2021.09.24 02:14 tenderstruck Edelgard and Off Route Supports

I've been replaying the Three Houses a lot lately and I realised that, despite other flaws, I feel like Silver Snow gives me far more reason to care about who I fight than Azure Moon or Verdant Wind. Purely because the player can have support with Edelgard (and Hubert to an extent).
In AM and VW there are moments where characters will say they 'feel bad about fighting old friends' (paraphrasing there), yet if you don't get their supports then the investment is lacking from the player perspective — but for most characters you can get at least a few out of class supports. But you (as Byleth specifically) can't for Edelgard. Edelgard is arguably the most important character to the game, whether you like her or not she is the plot, and yet if you play BL or GD first it's easy to miss out on the true weight of any confrontation. Like, this is a personal example but playing through AM feels like just watching Dimitri's character arc while I stand there, I don't feel that same investment, it's only really a betrayal to him, my AM Byleth hardly knows Edelgard.
Which is why I think it would strengthen the narratives to have Edelgard support available on all routes — that aforementioned 'betrayal' would then feel personal to a player, and it would make the way Edelgard talks about Byleth on those routes make more sense.
I could also see this weakening the investment in those specific narratives however, as without a route split it would only drive home Byleth lack of agency and the players inability to truly choose.
Regardless, I'm curious as to what others think of both the idea (Edelgard supports on AM/VW), and how those theoretical supports would go? Would those supports (WC specifically) be the same as those on CF/SS or would they change to be more route specific, e.g. in VW having a conversation with Edelgard about her ideals and seeing how they line up with Claude's own? Would they be exclusive to White Clouds or perhaps continued in battlefield meetings and even correspondence during the war phase? And how would that change people's perception of Edelgard both in game and as a player...
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2021.09.24 02:14 UmarBall Based or nah?

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2021.09.24 02:14 Threatlvlmid3 What is the best vacation spot in your state?

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2021.09.24 02:14 moebiusmentality Brat Shaman i11 with the healing class bonus, pretty fun!

------------------ VICTORY ------------------ < DIFFICULTY > INFERNO 11 < CLASS > SHAMAN < CLASS BONUS > 3 < TOTAL SCORE > 4217 < TIME > 1:21:05 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ < CLASS UPGRADE > YES < SKILLS > Toxic Globe - Master of Toxins - Telescope - Tear of Goddess - Rock Dagger - Toxic Strike - Mana Dagger - Knowledge of Resistance - Snail Shell - Multishot < DECK > Mage - Mage - Fire Totem - Fire Totem - Fire Totem - Thunder Totem - Thunder Totem - Thunder Totem - Blue Witch - Alestar, Tranquility Defender [ANCIENT] - Mermaid Queen II - Blessed Lady [ANGEL] - Elder Fairy [FAIRY] - RoboWitch [ROBOT] - High Witch II - Alestar, Tranquility Defender [ANCIENT] - King Neptune II - Spirit of Magic [ANCIENT] I +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ < FLOORS CLIMBED > 49 < NORMAL ENEMIES KILLED > 11 < ELITE KILLED > 10 < BOSS KILLED > 6 < GOLD EARNED > 1543 < GEMS EARNED > 73 < CARDS PLAYED > 672 < HIGHEST DAMAGE > 497 < DAMAGE TAKEN > 286 < CHEST OPENED > 6 < GAME VERSION > 2.3.2 < VERIFICATION CODE > 2d704 ```
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2021.09.24 02:14 svanapps r/ethereum - So why wasn’t ETH part of Twitter payments?

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